Googarola: The Concept Of Google And Motorola Merge

Google, the search and advertising web giant has acquired Motorola Mobility Services in August this year for around a whopping amount of $12.5 billion ($40 per share), raising all the eyebrows in the Hardware industry. Google is now eyeing on improving its hardware industry with this venture after it has made its firm feet in […]

Advantages Of Renting Instead Of Buying A Mac

In the past five years, Apple have steadily overtaken Microsoft as the most popular computer manufacturer in the world. Indeed, this new status is no small part due to the widespread popularity of the iPhone, iPod and more recently, the iPad. Regardless, Apple’s core desktop and laptop computers – the iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro, […]

EBook Reader Apps Vs The iPad: A Quick Comparison

Various ebook readers are already available in the market. Apple has also launched their own iBooks client with iPad, however presently books can read only on iPad and people are quite hesitant to purchase it currently. While there is no definite reason that iPad might kill the sales of ebooks, most of the gadget aficionados […]

10 Best Free Movie Apps for Android phone

Watching movies in big screens is certainly great for a night out. But now that you have your Android smartphone on your hand, you can have movie time on the go, anywhere and any time you like! Want to watch movies on your Android phone? With these free movie apps for Android, you enjoy your […]

Top Most Android Smartphones To Buy In 2013

Recently, most mobile development companies are concentrating and upgrading their new products of Android smartphones with additional features, which leads to the higher version. People are fascinated on buying these mobiles. To buy a best Android Smartphone from the good company is not as easy as you choose your favorites of other products. There are […]

Soda PDF Review: Do All Things PDF

PDF’s are one of the most important and versatile tools of transferring data from one device to another as they let the user to include almost anything in them which in turn gives them a plethora of uses starting from client projects to family cards and wishes. However after making your document saving and then […]

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