How do I monitor my Azure VM?

How do I monitor my Azure VM?

Monitor VM in Azure Management Portal.

  1. Step 1 − Login to Azure Management Portal.
  2. Step 2 − Go to Virtual Machine.
  3. Step 3 − Select the virtual machine you want to monitor.
  4. Step 4 − Select Monitor from the top menu as shown in following image.
  5. Step 1 − Switch to the ‘preview portal’.

How do I monitor Windows services in Azure?

1. Create a workspace and Enable the Log Analytics VM Extension as per this doc. 2. Once step 1 is completed, nav to your workspace -> in the left panel, select Advanced settings -> Data -> Windows Event Logs, then in the textbox, type “system”, then select system in the dropdown -> click the add button.

How do I run an azure runbook?

In the Azure portal, select Automation and then select the name of an Automation account. From the left-hand pane, select Runbooks. On the Runbooks page, select a runbook, and then click Start. If the runbook has parameters, you’re prompted to provide values with a text box for each parameter.

How do I monitor my Azure cloud services?

Advanced monitoring involves using the Azure Diagnostics extension (and optionally the Application Insights SDK) on the role you want to monitor….Advanced monitoring

  1. Custom performance counters.
  2. Application logs.
  3. Windows event logs.
  4. . NET event source.
  5. IIS logs.
  6. Manifest based ETW.
  7. Crash dumps.
  8. Customer error logs.

Is it true that you can use Azure monitor to monitor resources across multiple Azure subscriptions?

Therefore no, you cannot use Azure Monitor to monitor a resource in one subscription from an alert rule in a different subscription.

How does Azure monitoring work?

“Azure monitor collects data from various sources such as applications, operating systems, Azure resources, etc. in the form of metrics and logs. This data can then be processed to perform various functions such as analysis, visualization, alerting, automation and integrations.”

What is the monitoring tool used in Azure?

Azure Cost Management plus Billing is a tool used to monitor a user’s cloud spending. This tool will break down the costs of specific Azure services and resources. Azure Service Health monitors active service issues and health advisories.

What are the three main functions of Azure monitor?

Collect, analyze, and act on telemetry data from your Azure and on-premises environments. Azure Monitor helps you maximize performance and availability of your applications and proactively identify problems in seconds.

What is the difference between Azure Monitor and Advisor?

Azure Advisor provides personalized recommendations, and guides you through the best practices to optimize your Azure resources. Azure Monitor now includes improved alerting and notifications such as SMS, email, and webhook.

Is Azure service health part of Azure monitor?

Recap: Is it Azure or is it me? Azure Service Health and Azure Monitor answer different parts of the question “Is it Azure or is it me?” Service Health helps you assess the health of Azure, while Azure Monitor helps you determine if there are any issues on your end.

What is the difference between Azure monitor and Azure service health?

Azure Monitor helps you understand how your applications are performing and proactively identifies issues affecting them and the resources they depend on. Azure Service Health helps you stay informed and take action when Azure service issues like outages and planned maintenance affect you.

Which Azure service would you use to enforce Azure MFA based on a condition?

Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

What is the difference between enabled and enforced MFA?

Enabled means that it can be used, Enforced means that it must be used.

What is the basic way of protecting an Azure virtual network subnet?

By default, there are no network access controls between the subnets that you create on an Azure virtual network. Detail: Use a network security group to protect against unsolicited traffic into Azure subnets.

What does it mean that security is a shared model in Azure?

What does it mean that security is a “shared model” in Azure? Options are : Azure takes care of security completely. You must keep your security keys private and ensure it doesn’t get out. Azure takes no responsibility for security.

What operating systems does an Azure virtual machine support?

Supported Operating Systems for Azure

Supported Operating Systems VMware Guest OS Versions
Windows 7 x64 Windows 8/8.1 x64 Windows 10 x64 Windows 7 (64 bit) Windows 8 (64 bit) Windows 10 (64 bit)

Is it true that an Azure service that is released in Private Preview is made available to all Azure customers?

As part of the beta testing process, you can also provide feedback to Microsoft, which is used to improve Azure. The private preview is only available to certain Azure customers for evaluation purposes. The public preview is available to all Azure customers.

Which aspects of security on AWS are customer responsibilities select two?

Customers are responsible for managing their data (including encryption options), classifying their assets, and using IAM tools to apply the appropriate permissions. This customer/AWS shared responsibility model also extends to IT controls.

Which tasks are the responsibilities of AWS select two?

AWS manages the infrastructure and foundation services, operating system, and application platform. You are responsible for customer data, encrypting that data, and protecting it through network firewalls and backups.

Which security measures fall under the responsibility of AWS?

In the shared security model, AWS is responsible for which of the following security best practices (check all that apply) :

  • Penetration testing.
  • Operating system account security management (User responsibility)
  • Threat modeling.
  • User group access management (User responsibility)

Which tool helps customers connect with APN partners who have specific skills?

The AWS Partner Solutions Finder provides AWS customers with a centralized place to search, discover, and connect with trusted APN Partners based on their business needs. Customers can use the AWS Partner Solutions Finder to identify an APN Partner to help design, migrate, manage, and optimize workloads on AWS.

Why are customers moving to AWS?

Migrate to the AWS Cloud to increase your competitive edge, drive business value, and modernize your infrastructure. It’s time to move forward with the AWS Cloud.

How customers can work with AWS and our APN partners?

AWS Premium Support works with customers and APN Partners to implement cloud best practices in order to assist compliance efforts, including GDPR. APN Partners or customers with AWS Enterprise Support can work with their Technical Account Manager (TAM) to identify risks and subsequent mitigations.

How do partners help their customers right size service choices APN?

You can make right sizing a smooth process by establishing a right-sizing schedule for each team, enforcing tagging for all instances, and taking full advantage of the powerful tools that AWS and others provide to simplify resource monitoring and analysis.

What is the primary tool used to price AWS services and solutions?

AWS Well-Architected Tool – Pricing – Amazon Web Services.

What are three AWS security monitoring and logging evaluation tools?

The bottom line: AWS Shield keeps your services available at an unmatched success rate.

  • GuardDuty. GuardDuty is the “watcher on the wall”.
  • CloudWatch. CloudWatch is the AWS monitoring tool for, well, everything.
  • Macie. Macie is all about protecting data.
  • AWS Inspector. It is always nice to be proactive.

Which program is designed for APN Consulting Partners?

APN offers programs that provide additional support for partners. APN Consulting Partner programs include the AWS Channel Reseller Program, AWS Managed Service Program, AWS Competency Program, AWS Government Program and AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Program.

What is APN Consulting Partners?

AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partners help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage workloads and applications on Amazon Web Services. APN Partner Central. Online trainings, and APN webcasts for technical and program videos.

How many APN partners are there?

550 APN Partners

What does AWS APN stand for?

AWS Partner Network

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