Can a while loop have two conditions?

Can a while loop have two conditions?

Suppose in a while loop, you have two conditions, and any one needs to be true to proceed to the body, then in that case you can use the || operator between those two conditions, and in case you want both to be true, you can use && operator. By using if statements and logical operators such as &&, 11,!

How do you write a foreach loop in VB net?

In the VB.NET, For Each loop is used to iterate block of statements in an array or collection objects….Syntax:

  1. For Each var_name As [ DataType ] In Collection_Object.
  2. [ Statements to be executed]
  3. Next.

What is nested loop in VB net?

A nested loop is a loop within a loop, an inner loop within the body of an outer one. Then the second pass of the outer loop triggers the inner loop again. This repeats until the outer loop finishes. a break within either the inner or outer loop would interrupt this process.

How do you stop a for loop in VB net?

In VB.NET, the Exit statement is used to terminate the loop (for, while, do, select case, etc.) or exit the loop and pass control immediately to the next statement of the termination loop.

Can we run the loop in reverse order?

range() makes it possible to iterate over a decrementing sequence of numbers, whereas reversed() is generally used to loop over a sequence in reverse order. Note: reversed() also works with strings.

How do you exit a forEach loop in VB?

You can put any number of Exit For statements in a For Each loop. When used within nested For Each loops, Exit For causes execution to exit the innermost loop and transfers control to the next higher level of nesting. Exit For is often used after an evaluation of some condition, for example, in an If Then …

What is the use of exit statement in a loop?

The EXIT-WHEN statement allows the condition in the WHEN clause to be evaluated. If the condition is true, the loop completes and control passes to the statement immediately after the END LOOP.

How do you use a for loop instead of a while loop?

In general, you should use a for loop when you know how many times the loop should run. If you want the loop to break based on a condition other than the number of times it runs, you should use a while loop.

Is C better than C++?

C is still in use because it is slightly faster and smaller than C++. For most people, C++ is the better choice. It has more features, more applications, and for most people, learning C++ is easier. C++ is a great language to learn especially if you are familiar with object-oriented programming.

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